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I am a 25 year old female (nearly 26) who has been dealing with mild/moderate acne for several years now.

I also pick, obsessively, which is something I've always struggled with and am constantly combating.

Never wanted to take prescription acne medications (oral or topical) as that seemed extreme for my amount of acne, and the side effects and initial breakouts terrified me. 

My skin has gotten progressively worse over the years, and while still not BAD bad, it makes me very self-conscious.

What I've Tried:

I tried Pro-active for an extended period of time (maybe 6 months) and it didn't do much for me other than make my skin super uncomfortably sensitive, dry and reactive. It also stained clothing and textiles which was annoying and, well, embarrassing. Benzoyl peroxide is not for me #neveragain.

September of 2015, seeking a natural way to cure my skin, I went to a homeopathic doctor who prescribed me many vitamins and put me on the Paleo diet, insisting that it would be the cure.

While I didn't keep up the absurd vitamin regiment, I was STRICTLY Paleo for one full year (meaning no sugars, no dairy, no legumes, no gluten). It did seem to have some sort of effect on my skin, but nothing constant or extreme. 

I am now still mostly paleo (I cheat on the weekends) as I'm used to eating that way, and I like being conscious of what I'm putting in my body. Overall I feel more sharp, energetic, and have less skin oddities when I eat this way.


Still having acne problems so after many internet research hours I decided to give Retin-a Micro a chance. Baby-smooth skin AND wrinkle protection!?? Yes please.

Went to the doctor, told him I wanted it, and he prescribed it to me without hesitation. Only $10 with insurance so pretty stoked about that.

Before starting Retin-a Micro, my routine included:

Exercise (15- 20 min. high intensity running/calisthenics) every other day
Wash body/face/hair with Alaffia - Authentic African Black Soap, Eucalyptus Tea Tree
Gently dab face dry
Use Organic Apple Cider Vinegar as toner
Apply Alba Botanica Even Advanced Natural Moisturizer Sea Moss SPF 15
Non-comodegenic makeup

Wash face with Alaffia - Authentic African Black Soap, Eucalyptus Tea Tree
(use Alba Botanica ACNEDOTE DEEP PORE FACE WASH a few times a week instead of the Alaffia)
Gently dab face dry
Use Organic Apple Cider Vinegar as toner
Apply Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate
Apply Alba Botanica Natural Even Advanced Sea Plus Renewal Night Cream

I also slather raw organic honey on my face as a mask 3-4 times a week. If I have an especially angry/inflammed under the skin pimple I do a spot treatment during the day (Alba Botanica Acnedote Invisible Treatment Gel) and then a raw honey/crushed non-coated aspirin spot treatment at night. Crushed aspirin really dries those tough guys up, as I've discovered recently, but I don't use that very often.


I've attached some pictures of my skin BEFORE starting Retin-a Micro 0.04%. Reading other people's experiences was/is helpful to me so I wanted to share mine and have a log of the process.





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