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Accutane Journey Day 36



Because Accutane is supposed to work better after eating a high fat food I have been eating an Avocado every morning for breakfast. 
Although I usually love avocados i have to say after this treatment I shall never want to even see an avocado again! If anyone can suggest anything else that I can eat that is high in fat for breakfast (I don't eat meat or dairy) i would be very grateful...
Also has anyone else found that drinking more water helps with the dry skin and cracking lips? I read that somewhere but haven't found that myself, wondering if maybe i'm not drinking enough?


Peanut butter! Almond butter! Cashew butter! (I hope you're not allergic to nuts :) ) Last week I found a brand called 'pip and nut' and they do a cashew butter with honey and cinnamon in. It's ridiculously priced, but for a short time it is something different!
There are finally some nice soy, almond milk, and coconut milk based yoghurts in stores now, although to be honest I'm not sure if they would actually be high fat.
Umm... doughnuts? :):)

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Peanut butter is a great idea thank you! I have to say I've never eaten it before but I like peanuts so peanut butter on toast sounds like a plan :) 

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Yes, Peanut Butter is what I alternate with Avocado.  I have found some PB with Chocolate flavoring in it too.  I read that some people take their pill with a Tablespoon of Coconut Oil.  I don't hate avocados enough to try that yet---but I'm getting close.  I love donuts, but my thighs and butt do not.  By the time we are done with Accutane, we are going to need to start an Accutane weight loss group!

I am not normally a high fat eater, so I really struggle with this.  I was trying to be all healthy and find the best type of "fat" to incorporate into your diet and a lot of people use Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  Apparently, it's good for you-------and I actually like Olive Oil for cooking.

What I can tell you is this:  ABSOLUTELY DO NOT TRY TO TAKE YOUR PILL WITH A SHOT OF OLIVE OIL!!!  Oh my goodness, I seriously thought I was going to throw up and die when I tried that.  My throat burned for an hour and the taste was the absolute worst thing I ever had.  I would rather drink Moonshine that Olive Oil.  It was so acidic I thought it was going to burn through the back of my throat.  Seriously---my family thought it was super funny.  I was gagging in the kitchen trying to keep my Accutane pill down.  They all wished they had video taped it so they could upload my miserable experience on Youtube.  I bet they could have started the "Olive Oil Challenge" trend.  I ended up googling it to try and see why it burned my throat so much and found out that the highly acidic, hot, burning sensation was a sign that my Olive Oil was "fresh" and "good quality".  I would hate to see how bad "old" and "poor quality" EVOO would taste.

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Oh bless you! I would never have thought of taking it with a 'shot of olive oil' but I can promise I definitely won't now!!!
I've actually lost weight while on accutane so am fine to eat more fat I just find it hard as I don't eat meat or dairy..coconut oil is fab for my dry skin but don't think that I could drink it :( 
I'm about to do an online shop (i don't drive) and peanut butter will be first on my list!
I have to ask...what is Moonshine??

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Moonshine is one of the nastiest alcoholic drinks ever made.  It's extremely strong and tastes horrible.  No flavor, it just burns.  It's pretty much poison in a bottle.

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