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Acne 3/4/2016



I know I have posted a few times here and people might not think it's bad. But now I feel so ugly and very depressed!!! I keep getting zits on my nose and it sucks. I can't even go out to hangout with my friends now until it clears up some :( Please help any advice to help me get through this.



Thankfully it's only on one part of your face versus all over.  Go to a derm and get a prescription for something.  If your acne is chronic, then you need a consistent treatment if the one you're on is not working for you.

Good Luck

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Thanks again for the feedback. My regimen seems to be fine other than on my nose and I don't really know why. However, does this still look pretty mild to you?

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No problem.  I can tell you a million times how mild your acne is, and I have but the only opinion that will matter is your own.  I see a few bumps and I know they probably make you feel uncomfortable but the fact that you are mostly clear in other parts of your face should give you pause.  

If if your regimen is working for everywhere else on your skin then that's great.  Maybe you just need to treat your nose differently.  Hopefully you will not this ruin your life or take up too much of your time.

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