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Acne After 30

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Going through a rough patch



I joined this community in 2005, when I was dealing with (what I thought at the time was) terrible acne.  Looking back, things don't seem so bad.  I achieved relatively clear skin with the regimen, though it was not perfect.  I wasn't as committed as I should have been (wasn't gentle enough, skipped treatments here and there), but my skin was pretty darn clear.  Fast forward to 2016: I'm over 30 and thought I might have "outgrown" of my acne.  I started to be concerned about putting BP on my skin every day (long-term effects??) and decided I would try stopping it.  I began a new VERY EXPENSIVE face regimen that was supposedly natural, safe and healthy.  I started the new skin care line in October and initially was impressed by the results.  Then slowly I started noticing clogged pores and tiny whiteheads all over my chin.  By November, my skin was getting worse and in December, it really flared up.  I have always had hormonal acne, but all of a sudden I was breaking out all the time.  New Years eve came around and I looked awful: big, cystic acne on my chin (which has historically been my problem area) and now even on my right cheek - a new location.  I was so embarrassed by my appearance on New Years that I quit the fancy skin care line cold turkey and went crawling back to the regimen...only...it's not working for me this time around.  At least not quickly.  I wish I could remember my first experience with Dan's regimen but it's a little fuzzy.  I'm over two months in, and I continue to develop new pimples.  It seems like I develop 1-2 large pimples EVERY DAY.  And the old red marks and dry, peeling skin are awful.  One month ago I began supplementing with zinc.  Last week I added in jojoba during the day (because the flaking was so bad) and AHA at night.  I still can't eat dinner without my face peeling off.  And the pimples just keep coming.  Three more today.  Tiny spots in the morning that came to a head as the day progressed.  Several large cystic spots have been on my chin for weeks and remain hard.  I am more depressed than I have ever been in my life and feel so alone.  None of my friends, coworkers, or family seem to be going through this - I feel like I'm on an island.  Looking in the mirror is torture.  And I have some upcoming trips planned where I will be staying with friends - I don't know how I can face them seeing me.  I wish I could wake up from this nightmare.  


I know how you feel. I am 32 as well and like you, i found great progress with the regimen.  It in the end have me eczema and i had to stop.  Three years and three treatments later, eczema is still here as is acne. Never will i use BP again.  It is normal to feel insecure, especially at our age.  I'm not going to tell you that you should go out and live your life, pretending like everything is ok but i will tell you this.  You are a woman, you have acne, it sucks BUT it doesn't need to define you.  Keep on with  the regimen, document your progress in pictures once a week.  If by month 4 it is not working, try something else (maybe a derm, diet changes, etc).  Wear makeup if it boosts your self esteem.  One thing that has helped me to actually go out with people is to share ahead of time that i was struggling.  Having it not be the elephant in the room took off the pressure that comes with assuming you are being judged.  

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