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Accutane Journey Day 31



My face is very red still and apparently more noticeable than I had thought but still preferable to my usual cystic acne and touch wood at the moment I have no new breakouts.
I am however completely exhausted, not so much sleepy tired although I am sleeping better than I normally do but my general energy levels are at an all time low, I have a pretty physical job and by mid afternoon I feel like i'm struggling and just want to collapse! Of course there is the possibility that i am coming down with a bug or something and that its nothing to do with the Accutane but many people have seemed to find that they have been tired on it. i can't seem to find any answers on how long this lasts though if it is down to the meds?

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I felt very tired last week, but am feeling better over the last 3 days.  Maybe that will be gone too.  :)

The tops of my hands are very sore again.  It seems to be when I do a lot of laundry because of touching all the fabric---it seems to irritate my skin easily.  I guess I'll just do less laundry.

You had me laughing out loud about the reapplying chapstick every 5 minutes.  I do that too.  (yes, I'm putting some on right now).  I went to the dentist the other day and they stopped their work every couple of minutes so I could reapply.  They thought it was funny.  I went out with friends last night and I'm sure they thought I was crazy with my chapstick at dinner.  I think I must have put it on 10 times in the hour that we ate dinner.

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