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Feb 29, 2016



I don't know if it's because of the birth control pills (Brenda-35 aka Diane-35), my oncoming period or just normal acne but my face has not been improving at all. I wouldn't say it has gotten worse but my forehead does seem to be breaking out quite often. Ugh saw my face under fluorescent light at Sephora. Didn't do anything to my confidence to see all those raised bumps peaking through from my makeup. I'm thinking of perhaps using my Paula's Choice 2% BHA because 8% BHA really helped my out last time and I had clear-ish skin for at least a month. The thing about BHA is that it makes my skin really dry and irritated. I've been quite enjoying not having any constrictions to my facial movements due to the lack of dryness but it's time to go back to it tonight. Dry, red looking and itchy skin, here I come! -_-

Might be going to a party this Friday (I'm gonna try this new thing where I won't allow my acne to socially restrict me to my bedroom). I want to be social. I NEED to be social. I feel so depressed living alone and confined within 4 walls. I want to look good in pictures (I haven't posted any on Facebook for a very long time) ya know.  

Told a friend that I started the BC pills and man oh man, that person was not happy. Was very concerned that it might hinder my chances of getting pregnant in the future even though I assured him that lots of people on the internet and most importantly a doctor told me that it would have no harmful effects whatsoever.


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