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Safflower oil-One week benchmark

happily after


I have been using safflower oil to pre cleanse and moisturize for a week. I am still loving it. It seems to aid my skin pushing out those underskin hard clogs. I am still having a lot of those though especially on my chin area with combination of cysts....... I hope its not due to safflower oil creating new ones and push out old ones... (a lot of times I thought something was helping with clog pores, but actually it was creating more so those "old ones" got pushed out)

My skin still get dried out by tretinoin even though I am using this oil. But all I need is just take a break from it and I am good. 

Eltamd sunscreen has been good since I used safflower oil underneath it. It's not greasy or drying. Don't seem to break me out. 

I know I report these "products" reviews too soon as I only have been using safflower for a week and Eltamd sunscreen for 4 days... 

Current Regimen
Dove Soap (shea butter flavor)
Safflower oil
EltaMD UV Shield sunscreen
Bare mineral original foundation

Pre cleanse with safflower oil
Dove soap wash off the dirty oil
Safflower oil 
Wait at least 15 min 
Tretinoin 0.025 (If I feel my skin is too irritated, I will skip this)

Vitamin D 10,000UI (Mon-Friday only)
Fermented cod liver oil 
Krill oil
Fish oil


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