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Accutane Journey Day 22



Am feeling a lot better about things today... I slept with a waterproof plaster over the huge cyst on my forehead and it worked, it drew out most of the pus and although it looks a mess the pressure is gone so is a lot less painful.
One thing I have noticed over the last few days and have only just realised that could be down to Accutane is my vision especially in the evenings is a bit blurry. it's not making a huge difference and at first I thought it was maybe down to tiredness or the fact that I am in my 40's so my eyesight is bound to deteriorate at some stage. However today I was reading someone else's blog and they mentioned their eyesight, I then googled it and it appears it can be quite common. It does say in my leaflet about night vision being compromised but I had thought that this meant vision in the dark. Has anyone else been finding the same?


Yep---my vision is super blurry while watching television in my bedroom at night.  This wasn't the case before (I'm age 39), so I'm fairly certain it's the medication.  Some days are worse than others.  One of my new (in the last couple of days) issues is nausea.  Ugh.  I feel sick if I go for more than 3 hours without eating.  I guess I'm going to have to start eating small meals throughout the day.  I have no idea if this is from the Accutane or not, but I'm going to try and google it.

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Ahhh....thank you for letting me know! It's good to know that someone else understands although mine seems to get pretty bad every evening quite early on, from 7ish  TV watching or reading needs to be done with one eye shut!
I haven't had any nausea (touch wood / yet) though yes I'm sure I have read that it can be a side effect, i hope it goes soon.

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