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Feb 21, 2016



I feel so relieved and feel like there is one less stressful thing on my mind now that I'm back to using my Banish Vitamin C serum (: I can really see the difference it has made to my skin in the last two days. My skin doesn't feel dehydrated at all! Also, I switched to extra virgin olive olive to remove my makeup, prior to which I was using coconut oil (heard that it clogs pores). EVOO smells divine!
I was on a 14 hour flight recently and man oh man, by the time I landed, I had like 12 new whiteheads (good that they weren't those juicy and deep pimples with gunk but rather tiny white spots all over my face). I've noticed that I tend to breakout after a flight (even if it's like 4 hours) because of all the recycled air in the air cabin. The texture of my skin is looking very bumpy these days and is especially noticeable under white light.
I know that my doctor told me to start taking my first Brenda-35 pill (birth control) on the first day of my period. I actually started it yesterday because I'm quite impatient as my period will probably start at the end of this month and I'm hopeful that taking it early will reduce the intensity of the breakout I am bound to get about a week before my period. Having a massive breakout before/during my period always makes me emotional. This next part is unrelated to acne and maybe a bit TMI but let me just say that I've been using pads for 7 years and I switched to tampons last year (I recommend those with an applicator. It makes the process of insertion a whole lot easier especially if you're a beginner. When I first started out, I used tampons without an applicator and because I didn't insert it properly, I could feel it when I walk around. If you do it correctly, you will not feel a thing!). Life is so much easier now that I'm not as paranoid of bleeding through my pants and especially when I'm sleeping. Beware that a tampon shouldn't be used for more than 8 hours or you might get Toxic Shock Syndrome. It is advisable to insert a tampon right before you sleep. I use a combination of tampons and pads because when the tampon is full, you might bleed through your underwear. And that ends my period rant haha. 
Until next time (: Peace! xx


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