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Accutane Journey Day 20



I'm still struggling with the painful cysts that have broken out but the good news is that I can't feel any more trying to push their way up so that's something.
Although my lips are extremely dry my face doesn't feel any less oily yet but maybe as i have only started on 20mg maybe this will take longer. The losing weight seems to have slowed down which is good.


I believe we are both on day 20.  My dose is much higher--but I do not know how much you weigh, so I'm guessing I'm a few sizes bigger than you,  I am on 80mg/day.  I took 40 mg/day for 6 days because of problems with the pharmacy.

As soon as I went up to 80mg, I had terrible (the worst I've ever had) headaches for 5 days.  That has gone away now.

My lips are dry and peeling, but not terrible because I put something on them about every 1 hour.  I've tried many different products and I still haven't found the miracle one that completely cures the chapped lips.

About day 15 my hands started getting a  weird rash on them.  It's not itchy, but a bit painful. It has not spread and is only on the top of my hands.  I went to the nail salon last night and thought I would cry when they did the manicure and polish drying under the UV light machine.  Ouch!  I am going to try the Working Hands crème you mentioned.  This rash is so weird.  It's almost a reverse-rash.  It looks like I pressed my hands on a bumpy textured carpet for an hour & it left impression marks.

I have been moisturizing my face twice a day---which I hate because it's so oily when I put lotion on.  My face hates lotion and even the best brands seem to clog my skin up.  My face was like an oil slick for 14 days & it was getting a little better.  Now, on day 18, 19 & 20 my chin has thick clogs of white heads and black heads.  I'm having cysts pop up on my ears, neck, nose and chin.  It seems like the oil is returning.

I am moisturizing my body twice a day as others have recommended, but don't really feel it's necessary.

I am also taking my pills with 1/2 of an avocado.  I find it so hard to eat high fat foods!

Thanks for blogging your experience.  I'm glad I have someone on the same day as me.  I can see that we are pretty much having the same side effects.  Keep your head up, I keep telling myself this will be over soon. 

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yes it does sound like we are having a similar experience although I haven't had the rash on my hands (as yet).
I am quite small, only 5ft 1 and a size 8 but I did ask to start low and go up, although I have been begging for this drug for so long I was very nervous before I took it, I see my derm next Friday so not sure if my dosage will go up.
My face hates lotion too and it still doesn't seem to  be getting any less oily :(
Thanks for getting in touch, like you say it's good to know someone else is going through the same thing, good luck and let me know how you get on...

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