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Feb 19, 2016



YESSSSSSSSS!!! After much thought and anticipation, I finally took the plunge to take birth control pills. I'm on Brenda-35 (which is the generic version of Diane-35) and I'll be starting today! Previously on this blog I asked if anyone from Australia (which is where I live) have any advice on obtaining these pills. I didn't get any replies so I'd like to help someone out by telling you how I went about it:

- Scheduled a doctor's appointment. I have a Medibank card (note: not Medicare card which is infinitely better and it's easy to confuse the two) so I only had to pay $20 for a consultation (otherwise it would've cost $60-70!)
- Met the NICEST and the most UNDERSTANDING doctor (female GP) in my entire life. I feel so BLESSED that she took my woes seriously, gave me great advice and answered my questions brilliantly. She examined my skin and said that I have moderate acne and some cysts (that last part threw my off because I was unaware of that or maybe I didn't want to admit it to myself because "cysts" sounds worse than "pimples". I remember that I used to call me acne "pimples" long time ago and my dad said that no, I have "acne". At that time it felt like a slap in the face because it seemed like a "dirty word" (yes, I know I'm not making any sense, kindly bear with me) but it was the reality check that I needed desperately). Anyways, I told her that I'm on a student budget and I would like to go on a pill that's affordable (that's why she prescribed me the generic version). She also said that she doesn't like to prescribe Yaz/Yasmin (not sure which or if there even is a difference) because it's too expensive. Since I'm starting my first every BC pills, she said to start the first pill on the first day of my period (bit disappointed at this because I tend to get a lot of breakouts before my period but I'll be grateful that I got my hands on these pills in the first place). A pill should be taken at the same time everyday for maximum effectivity. I'm not sexually active but for those people who are, beware that you should follow this rule to prevent an unwanted pregnancy. 
- Got a prescription for 3 months (the box comes like that) 
- Went to Nova Pharmacy (I was too excited to sit down and compare prices between pharmacies) and paid $27.99. Later when I searched online, it turns out that the pills are much cheaper at Chemist Warehouse ($20, my bad)

I feel like these pills are going to make or break me.. I say "break me" because I feel like I have tried everything under the sun for the past 5 years and I'm not willing to go on Accutane if these pills don't work. 

I hear that birth control can cause weight gain and depression. Fingers crossed that I don't experience these side effects.

Another great news is that my Banish Vitamin C serum is due to arrive any day now! I cannot believe it's arriving so quickly to Melbourne (I mean relative to last time when I got it delivered to Perth where it took almost a month to arrive). It's only been a week since I ordered my shipment! My skin is in desperate need of Vitamin C stat! 

I'm so thrilled about these new developments but I have plenty of reservations at the same time. Please let these pills be the answer to the bane of my existence!


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