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Accutane - Day 1



On 2/17/2016, I was finally able to start taking accutane (tons of hoops to jump through if your a chick).  I'm 31 years old and currently on 40 mg once a day.  The attached pictures are my day one pictures. (I look rough...I know!)  Typically my face is so oily that you could fry a piece of chicken on it, but in the pictures below, my face is freshly washed, exfoliated, and moisturized.  My face is currently in one of its break out cycles and you can see my scar marks.

I use gentle face wash/bars and I'm hoping that I won't have to switch what I'm using while on accutane.  I also use the gel version of classic yellow Clinique moisturizer in the am and pm after washing my face.  However, I have a feeling this stuff may not moisturize my face enough once the accutane starts to kick in.  I also purchased some lip healing ointment because the dermatologist practically guaranteed that I would get severely dry lips on accutane. 

I'm really hoping that this stuff works and that the side effects are mild.  I do have some serious concerns about my face becoming too dry and really flaky.  I work in a professional office and would hate to come into work looking like a dried out pie crust. 

I'm hoping that I stick with logging my progress while on accutane and I welcome suggestions and comments from others who are on or have been on accutane. Wish me luck!




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Good luck I shall keep my fingers crossed for you! I am on day 20 of Accutane and I too had to fight to be on it after suffering fo 10 years. So far the side effects have not been anything that I cannot cope with though the breakout that people talk about is getting me down but am concentrating on the (hopeful) final result. Here's looking to brighter skin for both of us!

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