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Fourth Week



Happy Valentine's Day guys!! With this week being the fourth week, a month since I started using Tretinoin 0.025% as a night cream and Benzoyl Peroxide 5% for day cream. The flaking really did reduce compared to two weeks ago, though there is still some flakes when I wipe my face on a dark shirt when I exercise. My menstrual breakout was not as bad as I predicted, but there were still some white heads. The upper part of my face is pretty clear (my forehead, temples, and the part under my eye and beside my nose), but my bottom face still contains a lot of hyper pigmentation (on my jawline and my chin). I think that I found a way to reduce the burning when I apply sunscreen: I have to wait when the Benzoyl Peroxide dries up on my skin. The good thing about putting on sunscreen is that it makes my face whiter and it lightens my hyper pigmentation. I am predicting that my skin should not breakout that much this week because it is after my menstrual period, so hopefully my hyper pigmentation should clear up a bit at least.


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