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Feb 11, 2016



Today, for the first time in a long time I'm feeling surprisingly optimistic. I was looking through some old pictures of my skin (I like to document my progress) on my laptop. I don't know if it's wise to go down memory lane. More often that not I feel terrible just thinking about how my skin could've possibly been in that terrible state. Now a days I feel bad while browsing through those pictures because in high school I used to constantly think about awful my skin was doing but little did I know that I had it good then. I'm in university now and I can attest that it has become exponentially worse. I wouldn't classify my skin now as severe acne because I feel like I would be doing a disservice or perhaps even inconsiderate to those people who have to deal with painful cysts. Good things come with time right? Or so they say..

Some people say that God doesn't give us anything that we can't handle. I don't believe in God or religion but I'm sure that what I'm going through will not be the biggest challenge in my life. Yes it's a challenge, physically and psychologically, but it's not the biggest challenge I am yet to face. But to each his own.

I have to go to a studio soon to take some passport pictures. I think it's a given that I'll be wearing makeup. Since a high quality camera will be used, I'm dreading the bumps and redness that I'm sure is bound to appear in the pictures. Hopefully they photoshop the originals? 

Oh, my next shipment of Banish Vitamin C serum is set to arrive sometime in the beginning of March! It's seems like a long wait but I have to learn to be patient. Till then I'll be dreaming about beautiful supple skin that I hope it gives me ~  A girl can dream. 


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