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Acne 2/10/2015



Got another post to put. I had a big zit that forcefully popped accidentally leaving pretty big scaring and redness. Also, if you see some accompanying redness that is painful. Went to the dermatologist and he did some swabs he said it's possible it could be a bacterial infection but nonetheless I am so ashamed to go out looking like this. Any thoughts? I keep getting redness that is painful that is sometimes around the nose or comes to head.



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Your acne is Mild at best  and you seem to overthink it .  I wouldn't even refer to it as acne but more so a pimple here or there.  Not to negate your frustration but you definitely  need to find coping mechanisms  for dealing  with something that others probably don't notice at all.  Do you have a consistent regimen in place?  I am starting to think that some of us are just prone to the problem skin no matter what we do so it becomes a matter of living life.  Hope everything works out and you can find a balance.

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Thanks again for the feedback. I decided to see a psychologist to help me possible overcome my issues with acne. I don't know why I am like this. I really try to do my best. By the way, I decided to try the acne regimen on here hopefully that will help some.

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Thats a good choice.  I've been with my therapist since Sept and it's been the best decision I've made in a long time.   The regimen does work but since most of your face seems to be clear, i would caution you to be careful when using it.  Its a slippery slope once you start so only use it on the areas where you have chronic acne.  Keep us posted.  

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Thanks for the feedback. I am going to go to a few sessions that might help me with my confidence especially when I break out. What do you mean by caution using it? I do have some other acne around my face but mainly on my nose so I saw that and thought I should give that a try since my old regimen wasn't showing results or making me breakout often. Yeah I am focusing it mainly on my nose and forehead area.


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