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About Me

Hey. i assume that if you're reading this, we're on the same boat: suffering from acne, trying to clear our skin, disappointed by the lack of results that other acne products have promised us, etc. ive been there, and in fact im still there. Who am i? Im one of the many 15 year old boys who suffer from mild acne. Like most of us acne sufferers, there was a time, long long ago, when i was preadolescent, smooth skinned, and acne free. That was around sixth, seventh, and eighth grade. Ninth grade came along, and things started changing. that once-in-a-few-months pimple was becoming a once-a week one, and to make things worse i developed a cystic pimple on my nose, which gave me insecurities to no end. around that time i started seriously looking into sorts of acne solutions. over the course of that year I tried using things like ice, honey, any DIY mask on pinterest, to actual acne products from brands Neutrogina, Clearasil, etc.
Speed up to tenth grade, the present, and i am at my worst acne-wise. Whiteheads were becoming a common phenomena on my face, and for the first time not only on my T-zone area, where i am accustomed to (combination skin). In addition, even after the pimples where gone, i was left with small red spots to remind me of their predecessors (hyperpigmentation). This was when i decided that things had to change. Nothing was working, and things where only getting worse as time went by. After countless searches on the web, i came across acne.org's products. after looking into this website, and people's reviews, i decided to purchase the regimen. In this blog i will describe the effects that these products have on my skin, and hopefully this can help you on your journey to clear(er) skin.


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