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4 months nearly done



HI, its been a while!

So im 4 months gone, my doctor was going to stop me after another 2 weeks but as i had 2 biggish red spots on fod and cheeks i have anotehr month instead. Which i was surprisingly happy about?
He said i'd taken to the drug well! I hardly have an symptons and i forget im on it! The dry lips and nose are my only issue. My skin less oily so when cold makeup can go patchy. I just use heavy moisturizer.
1 tip would be use heavy cream like cetaphil on your face day and night/ as needed. But not around eye area as i have some milia (white dots) from heavy product around eyes, use eye cream its self!
So my skin cleared up within a month tbh. But its next to flawless. My pores have shrunk  so much on my cheeks/nose. and i have 3 massive deep blackheads that wouldnt budge for months and months and accutane has brought them out! YES! i have still got the odd bumpy spot but i belive this is the accutane still working and pushing out all the minging spots out my face! 
I am so scared to stop taking accutane incase i go back to having a fod full of acne. My forehead has never been this clear its amazing i can look in the mirror and take pictures without worrying about a dodgy light shining on my fod highlighting my spots!
Products i swear by:

Elemis collagen cleansing balm morning and night and removes heaviest makeup
Cetaphil moisturizer
elizbeth arden 8 hour cream for lips and insid eof nose! 

I still wore heavy makeup on accutane and drank like a tank even though youre not supposed to drink alcohol. OOPS. alll blood tests where fine. I am definitely the luckier of the few. But again, ill post more and any questions ask i want to help you through it. But do it. Best thing and at theend of the day it's not going to make your acne worse


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