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Acne on the chin sucks



What's up everyone?

Ever wonder what it would be like drinking on Absorica? Fun! Still not a good idea though. I was tipsy after 2 shots and was throwing up after 4. Usually I can handle around 7-9 without even gagging. I just recommend that if you're going to do it then make sure you can be responsible when your intoxicated; I know for a fact that I know of my surroundings when I'm schmacked so I wasn't too hesitant to give drinking while on the ol' ac pill a shot. 

Anyway, I first want to discuss some of the self-confidence issues I'm having when I'm at parties. If you've read my past blogs you'd know that my acne is around my chin area. It's so annoying to watch people look into my eyes and then gawk at my bumpy, yellow, immature, :( annoying chin. When guys do it I laugh but then I get to the girls and I just think, "if I was in their position would I want to kiss this?" and I always think no. I don't think I'm depressed or anything, I just wanna get this acne crap over with. 4 more months!

Still though, the lesson I learned tonight is that the acne barrier can only go such a long way until it's broken down by a person's kindness, personality, smile, and other meaningful human attributes. H

Hope this log helped any of you in a similar situation! 

Take Care 




I know what you are going through. In my case i get big ones on my nose along with accompanying redness and I am afraid that girls might not want to approach me or kiss me with it. Check out some of my recent photo posts and let me know what you think if you can

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Looks to me like your acne is very, very mild and you shouldn't worry too much about it unless acne reoccurs in that particular spot. All I can say for now is during these winter months it's extremely important to moisturize! 

P.S. - I would not recommend Absorica for your case of acne. 

Take Care, 


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I really appreciate the comments. I know sometimes people might think I am vain for posting on here or stuff like that. I know people have it worse than me however people also have it better than me. Honestly, I just get really inflamed ones on my nose. For some reason not too much anywhere else not that I am complaining about that. Your thoughts on why I might be getting them mainly on my nose and if there is something you might recommend?



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