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Log 6 - Week 5 of Absorica



So against all hopes, it's the start of the second month on Isotretinoin and I'm still breaking out. AND it's painful. Not sure if I'm doing something wrong or if the medicine just takes a while to work. I've decided to order Hemp Seed Oil which is what I will use on my face, arm, and hands moisturizer, only of course, if the Vanicream continues to disappoint me but I'm definitely going to give it at least another week. 

I exercise at least every other day, drink a lot of water, don't eat greasy foods, shower when I wake up and before I go to sleep, and moisturize so why do I still have acne?! The struggle is real everyone I KNOW. 

Current Acne Status:
Whiteheads - About 7-8 scattered around my chin area and a couple in my mustache area - an expected acne outcome for me during winter months. Some of them are just whiteheads and some of them are on top of these big red pimples (these are the painful ones). I have some blackheads on my nose, some of which look like they're just coming out. My acne hasn't changed much since I started to take the drug, like I've said before, it's stayed about the same. 
Also, I should add that every time I break out it's usually in the same place and when I come out of my lukewarm shower some of the sebum from whiteheads just come out on their own. I then pat with a cold towel (I was informed this would close the pores) but 75% of the time they just become bigger whiteheads. Once I tried putting alcohol on a towel and patting them, but that didn't really work well either. 

I'll try to keep carrying on and for those of you in a similar situation please stay strong! Let's pray the Absorica does its job! 



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