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Re: description



If you can't access the description here it is: 
Hey everyone! The purpose of this blog is to describe (to the best of my abilities) how Absorica helps (or not) my acne. I will try to make this blog as simple and descriptive as possible. I've had to deal with acne for so long that I understand the struggles it puts people through and all I want to get out of this is helping others who are in a similar situation. Please ask any questions you may have and I will try to answer them. 

Background: I've had acne since I was 13... I am now 18 and in college. It's been the same type of acne all my life; not terrible, but bad enough to keep me from going out, talking to girls and definitely bad enough that I have to look in the mirror almost every hour.
Whiteheads - around my mouth and chin. Most of the time they get red. They also hurt sometimes. 
Blackheads - mostly on my nose and around my forehead a little bit... My blackheads aren't my biggest problem though.
Cysts - Occasionally around my chin and under my mouth - cysts almost all the time will turn into whiteheads
ACNE THAT I don't know what it's called - so basically under my lips and above my chin (mostly on the right and left, not so much in the center) I have these little white bumps that you can really only see when I stretch the skin using my tounge pushing out (hopefully that made sense :)). I think it might be called milia although I don't think so. These white bumps have been there for as long as I can remember and very often they turn into whiteheads and sometimes cysts. 

Prescription - 35mg of Isotretinoin twice a day 
Start Date: January 1st 


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