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Day # 141 (100 mg)



My acne has spread so quickly and once again, it is evolving.  I currently have three cystic bumps that are hard as marbles and red.  Add to that a dozen inflamed zits and you have one unhappy chick.  The cystic acne is not new to me but the sheer number and placement is.  I just can't figure out whats happening with my face......i just can't.  It's like i can't win.  In nine days i will officially be in my fifth month.....


Hey girl! I am a spiro user as well. I just recently stopped a few days ago because the breakouts were so friggen bad. My skin completely changed from it and I never seemed to be clear anymore. :( I'm now on Bactrim (temporarily) to relieve my skin of this hormonal mess. The breakouts stopped about 2 days after I stopped taking spiro and about 6 days of being on Bactrim. Now just a scabby, scar-y mess on my face. I hope you find what works for you. I think I have, but the post acne marks are overwhelming for me now. Ugh! 

I was very dissapointed with spiro, and I'm sure you're frustrated too! Most women are like, "after a month my skin started looking fabulous and blah blah blah". But for me, it fluctuated my hormones so bad that my skin broke out every week. Legitimately. And not normal breakouts, like types I have never had before. So werid. Now that I started the antibiotic those breakouts healed within a day. Depsite the scarring left behind, I think this is a way better route for me. However, they do say it can take 6-8 months for spiro to work for most people. But my derm told me if I don't see improvements after the initial breakout she thinks my acne isn't hormonal. I tried the medication for 2.5 months before giving up. But I'm honestly glad I stopped. 

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Sorry that you went through that Katie.  I decided to stick it out because the fact of the matter is that I have tried almost everything on the acne market including accutane.  I just hit the 5 month mark and i am still breaking out but it is not as bad as it was in the very early months.  I move up to 150 mg next month so we'll see if that is the push i need.  I am getting more cysts for sure but even then, my acne is much more tolerable ( as tolerable as acne can be ) than it was pre spiro.  What's the game plan after antibiotics?

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