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Day 1



Well evening of day 1 and I don't know what I was expecting but wouldn't know I had taken anything so all good. 
Have read so many bad things about this (as well as good) so it's with some degree of nervousness that I am taking this but as anyone reading this will know Acne is more than just a 'vanity' issue, it is extremely painful and takes away any self confidence so crossed fingers...


Hey! I took my first pill yesterday, so I'm right there with you.

Really not sure what to expect ... I had to psyche myself just to pop the first pill. I've been putting it off for such a long time it felt like a momentous occasion of sorts.

Anyway, wishing you a smooth ride. Here's to regaining some confidence!


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Hi Laura
 Wishing you a smooth ride too! How did you get on today? All good here except a slightly dry mouth which started last night but chewing gum has been my saviour there,

Keep in touch and let me know how you get on..

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Hey guys! Hopefully i'll be with you soon, i'm waiting to get my blood tests back so then i can take the first pill. Have you started seeing any results yet and how bad are the side effects for you? My doctor is telling me i have to moisterize all the time and even on my body? Do you do this? also to use aquafore for my lips and even in my nose a little so i dont get a nosebleed? If you could comment back that'd be awesome

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Hi H.F..
I was told the same and on the first day my mouth was dry but that went and so far (crossed fingers) my lips , nose and rest of my skin have been fine. I am moisturising as normal and carry a chapstick everywhere just in case but so far nothing...
I was really apprehensive after reading all the negative stories about the side effects (and be warned the leaflet inside the pills doesn't make for jolly reading) bot so far so good and no problems.
However so far i haven't seen any positive results either but of course it has only been 6 days. 
I don't know how Laura is faring but good luck with the blood test results and crossed fingers for good reactions and results with the pills!

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