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Day 12



Not much to update on today, but it's nearly *that* time of the month and I want to make sure I get something on here describing how my treatment is working while my hormones are going nuts.

The good:

  • Thankfully, my skin is keeping its new smooth, even texture even though I'm grappling with PMS. I was worried I'd see a reversion to the bumpy/oily/gross mess it was before.
  • No moderate to severe discoloration anywhere...still. My skin looks a bit more flushed than usual when I have my makeup on, but that's it.
  • It seems like some of the peeling is starting to calm down a bit. I didn't see any huge flakes hanging off of the dry spots today, which is a slight improvement.
  • I got my first unsolicited (meaning I didn't prime this person to say something nice via compliment fishing) compliment EVER on my skin yesterday!!! To be fair, I was getting complimented on a selfie online and not on my actual face in meatspace...but I'm ecstatic nonetheless. YAY.
The bad:
  • I have had a few small outbreaks on my chin and forehead these past few days, but I'm not really sure if they're due to Aunt Flo or the treatment. Either way, they're nothing horrible - just some small zits.
  • Although peeling is improving, it remains a problem; my jawline and chin seem to be the areas that are hardest hit. I've been sure not to apply any gel directly to those areas in the past several days, but that doesn't appear to be doing much to alleviate the issue. I'll probably just have to wait this out.
  • I'm still experiencing some minor stinging when I apply my moisturizer in the evenings and mornings. Nothing that's causing any extreme pain or concern, but definitely enough to note.
  • FOR SURE starting to get super frustrated with the dryness around my eyes and in my nose. Undereye patchiness is preventing me from concealing the fact that I'm barely sleeping, and my nose has actually bled a few times due to excessive Kleenex maneuvering.

I'm starting to realize that the method I'm using to apply the adapalene gel (squirting a pea sized glob onto my index finger and trying to dot it all over my face before rubbing it in) isn't necessarily the most effective. I feel like some areas of my face are getting a hyperconcentrated blast of product while others are getting left out because the product is drying before I can massage it in fully. To combat this, I'm going to try breaking my face up into sectors, then giving each sector its own (tiny) glob of gel, ensuring everything is well coated and absorbed before I move on to the next one.


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