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Day 8




I've needed to modify my skin care routine to suit my treatment. Instead of using aloe vera gel/jojoba oil as a moisturizer, I'm now using CeraVe AM and PM exclusively. CeraVe seems to be a lot more nourishing to my parched, peeling skin than the gel/oil combination, and I seem to be tolerating it well (no additional outbreaks since making the switch so far).

I also forgot to mention in my original post that I take 50mg and something like 1000mg of fish oil a day - I don't actually know if these supplements are helping matters much, but I've gotten in the habit of taking them.

The good:
  • My skin continues to show significant improvement. I only have one large, red pimple on my face right now, and it's easily concealable since it's on my forehead. I don't even think it's an initial breakout type of pimple - it popped up overnight after I ate dinner and coconut milk ice cream (TONS of sugar) several hours later than I usually do.
  • Still not experiencing any significant amount of redness. I do get a bit red right after I rub in the adapalene, but it fades within 15-30 minutes.
  • I remain extremely impressed with the transformation of my skin's texture in such a short amount of time. The amount of small bumps and general roughness on my skin has reduced by at least 70-80%, and I can't stop marveling at how smooth I feel especially right after the adapalene application.
  • No huge hormonal chin zits!!
  • It seems like the intense dryness on my hands has already subsided somewhat. I'm making sure to wash my hands after applying the adapalene and use lotion after every wash, and I'll be sure to keep that up.
  • I find myself not needing to blot my nose multiple times a day anymore. I've always been anxious about my nose potentially looking like a mirror, so this is a huge relief for me.

The bad:
  • I'm still dealing with a lot of dryness and peeling, especially along my jawline and on my cheeks. I do have one particularly dry pinkish spot in my left jaw area that I'm monitoring and making sure not to kill with the adapalene. It's not FLAGRANTLY noticeable, but it's definitely a problem (albeit an expected one).
  • I know I'm expecting too much, but I'm really disappointed that I still have several small bumps under the right side of my bottom lip. I don't know if this is hormonal acne or not, but I've had it all over both sides of my chin for a long time and I'm really excited that it seems to be clearing up in other areas.
  • I'm starting to feel like I've Botoxed my entire face. I know I'm still adjusting to the retinoid, but eating and/or expressing any strong amount of emotion is uncomfortable due to the tightness I'm experiencing. Definitely tolerable, but not the most fun thing in the world.
  • I did experience some burning and pain when applying the gel at night on days 5 and 6 of treatment, although this may have been because I swiped over my face with a wet washcloth in the shower to remove flakes. Thankfully, this seems to have subsided.
  • There's a LOT of itching/dryness in my nose and under my eyes. I've had to stock Kleenex right on my desk at work so I don't constantly look like I'm digging for gold. Clearly I need to be more careful when I'm smearing the gel all over my face.


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