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First week



This Wednesday marks the first week that I have used Tretinoin, and so far things have not been looking as well yet. The first couple of days that I started to use Tretinoin and Benzoyl Peroxide seemed great. But then 4 days after, when I put on the Benzoyl Peroxide my skin burned. It really hurt so I stopped for the rest of the week. During my first week of Tretinoin my skin flaked so much. My friends saw my skin and they just said that it looked disgusting and stuff like that. I also had some burst of new breakouts, but I read a lot of articles and blogs that its the initial breakout and that the tretinoin is bringing out stuff that blocked my pores, so the breakout is expected. Regarding the flaking, I read that it's the inital process for my skin to get use to the cream, so I guess that I'll just have to wait through it.
Regarding my acne, my forehead is pretty clear, thought with some hyper pigmentation. my T-zone is pretty good too, but also with some hyper-pigmentation. The worst part would be the side of my chin, and my lower cheeks. Those places flaked the most and also I am breaking out the most there. I hardly breakout on my left cheek but recently I had some pustules acne and it left hyper pigmentation. My right cheek is the worst of everything, it has hyper pigmentation, pustules, and also recently (like three days ago) whiteheads have been arising. I just hope that the flaking lessens by the second week.


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