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hey guys just wanted to check in. i've been clearing up in the past few weeks but recently broke out with 4 massive pimples which are thankfully inactive now. i started this blog applying retin a on my face and i'm still applying to this day. i used to take vitamin a,d3,c, zinc and niacin. all of which did nothing (took them for 5 months until i just gave up) i added salicylic acid, clindamycin toner, benzoyl peroxide and glyoclic soap in my regimen. 
i'm still incredibly superbly oily but ive learned to cope with it using 1 ply tissue papers which i found out works better than oil blotting sheets which are expensive and get sticky when saturated with oil
i think what contributed mostly to me clearing up was my appointments to the dermatologist. we decided to be aggressive on my acne and for three months i've had 8 glycopeel cleanings, 8 blue light therapies and 2 tretinoin/3 step peels. it has been a really expensive journey but thankfully my mom loves me to want to spend to make me feel confident
i'm still breaking out, sometimes big pimples but mostly small pimples. hopefully with benzoyl peroxide in the morning, retin a in the evening and regular dermatologist appointments, my acne can finally clear up. i'm just annoyed that after more than a year of using retin a religiously im still not incredibly flawless hahahah but it is what it is
i honestly want to take accutane. in retrospect, i think taking it when my acne got really bad would've been the better option. i still do wanna take it in low doses for my incredibly oily skin but i dont know if i can since i dont think i can give up glycopeel cleanings from the dermatologist because i enjoy them so much.
i have a glycopeel cleaning and powerpeel treatment coming in two weeks. hopefully that blasts away all the pih i have right now.
anyway that's all. will check back with you guys again soon. hopefully im clear by then. hopefully our skins have all improved by then :) cheers!56a403fccda5f_Photoon1-24-16at6.31AM.thu56a40406b2688_Photoon1-24-16at6.31AM2.th56a40422970c9_Photoon1-24-16at6.31AM3.th56a40438d08da_Photoon1-24-16at6.31AM4.th


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