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Acne.org Regime | One Full Month



Sorry for the delay of week 3. I have been super busy with school and work so i wasnt able to work on my acne.org blog that much. I plan on posting my vlogs on youtube once i air this blog. 

Day 23: January 21, 2016 
Everything went well but i noticed a small bump forming near my eyebrow *YIKES* as of right now im am still dealing with blemishes that are left behind but everything is ok.

Day 24: 
The bump is fully up and currently the only active bump that i have. It is red and painful, which i am not feeling at the moment hopefully it goes away as quick as it came. I actually skipped a night " Bad girl " but it didnt delay my progress too much .. i dont think !!!

*day 25 and 26 both were like day 24.. I still haven't really washed day and night .. Just either or not both* 

Day 27: 
I noticed I have a bump that's coming up on my cheek.. Unfortunately it's one that I hate.. It's not a white head or a blackhead it's one of those under the skin soft bumps .. That take forever to go away
* GREAT * I'm definitely not happy about it . So the bump that I was talking about on day 24 is dried up and ready to disappear soon but now I have another issue . Not only did I get a new bump but I also noticed A LOT of dry skin that is having a hard time peeling. So I decided to take a few days off from the regimen and do some exfoliating with a product called simple.. It's extremely important because my skin looks burnt and patchy like week one but really it's dead skin .. So I'm just using simple and the Mostuirzer ... BUT !!! I will only exfoliate every two days so again Thursday and Sunday and not use the regime at all until my face get right. 

Day 28
i haven't used the regimen because my face still has dead skin on it but I still exfoliated and my skin is starting to feel smooth. I plan on starting back on day 29  or 30. 

Day 29
my skin is relieved from all the dead skin *Yay* I haven't started back using the regimen I plan on just letting my face take a break for a little .. hopefully my skin doesn't start back clumping up with dry skin and flacks when I start back or I will stop again just to exfoliate because the dead skin looks really bad on my face and make me look darker than I really am.

Day 30 
i started back on the regimen and experienced a little burning around my acne but nothing overwhelming. I still have my two stupid bumps but that's it and discoloration ...

Day 31 
Today was perfect. No peeling No nothing which was amazing !!!! I greatly appreciate how my face is coming a long . However I do have one active white had which came up on day 27. It finally has a white and so I am waiting for it to go away. Still want the dark marks to go away but if I can get the roses bumps to go away foundation can cover up the marks until I cure them.. I prefer having natural beauty 


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