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SO This is the third week into the process... I cant believe its almost a month into it. As like my other two posts I will break down this blog. 

BEFORE I go into everything I just wanna say that I am still at two pills a day at 30 mg. The accutane medication is called Absorica. 


VERY DRY skin. My skin On my face is very dry and parched. Its flaking ad every time I try to cover something with makeup it makes my skin look worse. The medical moisturizer that they gave me is working ok but not as hydrating as I expected. My hands are SUPER SUPER dry as well. I cant moisturize them with anything that is scented or they will go up in flames and a rash will start to form. It's not pretty either. The only thing I could put on them is Vaseline and that doesn't hurt at all. Haven't had any more nosebleeds and my scalp is very dry as well. I haven't washed my hair in about 3 days but trust me I could go longer. DISCLAIMER! I do take showers but not wash my hair because it would dry out my scalp even more and cause dandruff and that's not cute.  

HOW MY SKIN IS LOOKING: my skin is doing ok but I have had some breakouts since then. A couple on my chin but nothing drastic. ALSO A REALLY GROSS BUT KINDA OF COOL THING LOL my blackheads are actually like falling out of my skin. Which sounds really really gross but yes they are like petruding from my face. They just look like tiny white specks coming out. I got an idea one day and I wanted to see if they would come out with my tweezers. So I took my fine point tweezers and pulled some of them out. But since I have an insane amount of blackheads there's still so many to get out but the tweezers I feel is a safer way then squeezing them all out and worrying for scars and more pimples to form.

HOW I FEEL: So it's the third week in and thankfully I feel great and my joint pain has gonedown some and mostly now just my back hurts if I bend over for too long. Other than that I don't feel anything unusual.  

That concludes week three pretty much. So once again I hope for any of you reading this you get some helpful information! 




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