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Acne update!



Ok! Its been a while since I updated! But I'll sum up whats been going on..
Skin was doing well in September but it started to go way downhill in November and hasn't been doing great in January either.. Im not 100% natural anymore just because I needed some sort of face wash that would really give me a good clean. Im still eating healthy and changed my lifestyle. The only problem I've been having is controlling my picking. It stinks because if I didn't pick my face would probably look a lot better. Ill keep trying! 
As of now my routine is

  • Morning 
  • wash with blackhead scrub and Basis sensitive bar
  • gluten free breakfast
  • most days lemon water
  • Zinc and Vitamins
  • Afternoon
  • Healthy sandwich with fruit and yogurt
  • some veggies and green smoothie (some days)
  • Take off all makeup
  • Night
  • Usually healthy dinner
  • wash face again with scrub and Basis bar
  • green tea (some nights)
  • Aloe on scars overnight
  • Probiotic

Also trying to look in mirrors as little as possible to help with the picking. I started doing this routine at the end of December when my skin recked havoc, and so far its been pretty good! I've been purging a little from the probiotics. I'm also hoping to do a Candida cleanse because I really think thats why my skin is still the way it is. The probiotics should help too considering I never healed by gut after taking SOOOO many antibiotics..

Keep you posted!


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