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Day 140 - Week 20



I'm back! I'm sorry to have been neglecting the blog but really not a whole lot has happened. My acne is pretty normal now, no random heads popping up. And when I say "normal," I just mean it hasn't changed a whole lot. It has not improved or gotten worse. The worst areas are still under and around my nose, my chin, along my cheekbones, and on my neck and chest. My back seems to be alright - haven't gotten a whole lot on there lately. I just checked and I have 34.5 days left to go. That is, if I keep remembering to take it. I have been constantly forgetting (maybe because since it's not working, I don't care anymore) and if I continue to remember I should be done on February 23rd. 

I do have to mention one touchy subject for women though... Candida. More commonly known as yeast infections. I've only had one once in my entire life and that was years ago and was easily treated with an antibiotic. But since starting accutane, I've noticed that my lady parts have been really sensitive. At first I thought it was just me and my body being weird but recently I discovered that it may be a side effect of the accutane since it dries out EVERYTHING. Took it to my doctor a few weeks ago and she gave me the same antibiotic that fixed things up last time. She actually gave me two and it didn't help... not one bit. Neither has anything else. For those of you who might be able to offer any reassuring words that it will clear up when I'm off the medication here's a little extra detail: there is no stinging, it's just predominantly itching. 

So yeah, that is my week at a glance. Ladies, I would appreciate any thoughts or remedies you have to offer and gentlemen, I apologize if I weirded you out. 

Until next week!


Has your derm gave any reason or explanation as to why the acne hasn't cleared up yet? Might I ask also, how many mg are you on? 

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@CNA7 My derm has not given my any specific reasons as to why it isn't working. She has only told me that we won't stop the treatment until it is cleared. Maybe that will be the question I ask at my next appointment. But I do know that my dad took the medication when he was younger, had to do 2 courses, and still gets acne from time to time. I am on 80mg a day (2x 40mg). I started off at 40mg for the first month, jumped to 80mg, went back to 40mg for a month due to painful side effects, and have been back on 80mg since. 

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So sorry to hear you are going through this. Have you also been checked for PCOS or other hormonal abnormalities? Food sensitives, etc? I know that certain birth controls can also cause acne. The best ones for acne are Ortho-Tri-Cyclen Lo and Yaz I believe. I prefer Ortho....What type of products are you using on your skin during your treatment? 

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@CNA7 It's ok. I'm almost done with round 1 and I don't think that I'll be taking a round 2. No hormonal abnormalities to my knowledge or food sensitivities. Birth controls cause or prevent acne? I always heard that some of them prevented it but birth controls are the one thing I haven't ever tried. For my skin I've been using a Neutrogena gentle cleansing wash, an equate beauty moisturizer, and a cetaphil moisturizing cream. And then from time to time I will try a clinique lotion just to get rid of fine lines of dry skin. 

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Well some birth controls can help acne; specifically Ortho Tri Cyclen Lo, and then others can aggravate it. I would definitely get your hormones checked to rule out common acne-causing issues like PCOS (if you do have PCOS, the drug spironolactone (an andorgen blocker)) and a birth control could potentially help your acne tremendously. Food sensitives are rare, but they are also worth getting checked! In order to get checked for PCOS, you'll have to go in for various blood samples during your menstrual cycle plus have a trans-vaginal ultrasound to identify if there are cysts on your ovaries. I certainly hope this isn't the case, but I got checked for everything before going on accutane (which I'll be starting March 1st).

Is there a reason you wont give the accutane a second round? Sometimes 1 round doesn't work for everyone. I personally know a few people that had to do two rounds. 

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