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Day 4 - hello, peeling!




From now on, I'll probably be providing updates in a bullet point format. For some reason, that's a lot easier for me to do than full, coherent paragraphs. Please feel free to send me a private message if you have any questions!

The good:
  • My skin does feel noticeably smoother since I started treatment last Friday. I obviously still have active lesions and clogged pores, but the general texture of my skin is no longer bumpy and gross all over the place.
  • I usually get at least one massive deep, hormonal zit on my chin a month. I haven't had that happen yet...although that may be due to me cutting out dairy and not necessarily due to the medication.
  • My treatment seems to be playing well with makeup. Since I don't really have much of a social life at all (thanks to PTSD with a special additional thanks to acne), it's not a problem for me to go barefaced over the weekend while I'm at home by myself; however, I do need to wear makeup at work to make sure I don't look like a bridge troll.
  • Although I AM clearly a little pinker in the face, the slight color change is definitely tolerable. A few people have noticed my cheeks looking a bit flushed, but that doesn't really bother me and I've been able to deflect further questions by commenting that I'm on a new medication to treat some health issues. I'd rather have lobster face than pizza face anyway.

The bad:
  • I am unfortunately starting to experience more initial breakout type pimples. Right now I have three fairly nasty ones on my lower cheeks, one on my chin, and several on my forehead/temples. I'm not too concerned about anything that goes on on my forehead since I have bangs, but I'm desperately hoping the other ones heal quickly.
  • Peeling. All the peeling. Just...all of it. It's not so bad that I'm going to hold off on a night of treatment just yet, but I'm definitely seeing a lot of skin come off in the shower when I'm washing my face with gentle cleanser + my hands.
  • My face is starting to feel extremely tight, almost mask-like. The skin feels particularly taught around my cheeks and eyes, so I'm going to try and be extra careful not to get any of the gel onto the sensitive skin under my eyes.
  • I haven't been able to see any apparent improvement in my skin outside of the texture. This is obviously a long term treatment, so lack of initial results is of course to be expected.
  • NO ONE WARNED ME HOW SHRIVELED AND WITCH-LIKE THIS TREATMENT REGIME WOULD BE LEAVING MY HANDS. Seriously, since I started the lotion and gel, I'm putting hand cream on about fifty times a day to no avail. It's gotten to the point where I need to wear gloves while I'm handling files at work so my cracked skin doesn't ooze or bleed all over them. Gross.
  • The clindamycin lotion bottle I received is tricky to handle properly. You're supposed to shake it up to ensure the solution is properly mixed, but that tends to make the product go several degrees of everywhere when you try to get it out. This was a really expensive purchase for me, so I'm apparently just going to need to handle the bottle like it's a tool I'm using to do open heart surgery in order to avoid coating the walls with it.


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