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Emotionally overwhelmed



Some days I feel okay .. I go to work everyday. Pretend like everything is okay.. But once I notice somebody just staring at my acne whether it be a customer, my coworkers, or even family a huge cloud of darkness comes skydiving into me. As a kid I always thought id outgrow my acne.. And I did for awhile, as I recall. But now as an a adult I don't know what to do to my skin anymore. Sometimes I just want to hide in my room and not be seen by the public because I'm scared of people seeing my skin. I feel a little better if it's dark outside but  in the daylight it's terrifying.. Will I get judged harshly? Are they staring at my huge pores? I just don't know what to do .... 


Troubled Adult,

I know exactly what you are going through. However, I don't know how bad your skin is. As you can see on my post what I show is what I feel is bad. Other people on here might not think it's bad but still. There has been many times I wouldn't go out or even coming to work cause I know or feel people are looking. I just have to keep telling myself there are far worse things than acne. Do you have any pictures?

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 Hey there! I feel the same way, in fact, the first 3 weeks of school for me were mentally exhausting because I just wanted to stay in bed rather than going out into the world and acting like everything is OK. BUT I think it would be really good for you to take a moment and think about what is going good for you and your life. You have a job? That's awesome! I wish I had time for that. I think its cool you still go out into the world despite your fears. I know what it's like and often times I choose to hide myself from the world. I didn't grow out of my skin troubles, but rather grew into them which is frustrating as well. I am trying to stay positive and start on a regimen that I can feel good about! No matter what you choose to do, just realize people love you and are happy to have you in this world :)

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