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2 WEEKS IN.. Like in my last post I will be breaking this one down into parts. 

SIDE AFFECTS: Pretty much the same but getting slightly dryer as time goes on. I haven't had any more nosebleeds and the joint pain has gone down. My lips are very dry and I feel myself always having to apply lip balm or they will hurt. My face is peeling a little bit but that's just because my skin is so dry. My body is not that dry yet. 

HOW MY SKIN IS LOOKING: I think my skin is definitely purging because I've had a few breakouts since the last time I checked in. The one from last time that was in the corner of my mouth but below my lip is still there but is going down slowly. I've broken out on my upper lip. I thought it would be one of those ones that takes forever to get rid of because I've had those many times before. They only get bigger. But this time it blew up for maybe a day and I put some spot treatment on it overnight and it went down a lot. It's still there but is slowly vanishing. I've broken out also on my chin. The ones underneath the skin. Two right next to each other. Those are standing their ground but nothing too drastic. 

HOW I'M FEELING: Thankfully once again I have not been having abnormal thoughts or depression so that's good. I feel just like I did the week before.

Will check up with you all next week on 1/21/16.




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