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Week 16- Dalmation starting to look better



So my skin was looking shitty, but in the past two weeks it has really turned a corner. I went back to my derm who agreed that for 13 weeks for retina my skin looked pretty terrible. He highly recommended my starting accutane, but after three months of side effects I wanted to stick with the retin a for three more months before quitting, hell maybe my skin would get better and I could avoid accutane. He changed my retin a from a .1% gel to a .05% cream and wrote me a perscription for doxycycline (100mg for 10 days) and clindamycin phosphate solution.

I immediately liked the .05% cream better than the gel, it didn't feel as immediately caustic and rubbed in to my skin like lotion unlike the gel which was noticable on my skin after I put it on. I took the oral antibiotics and but only used the clindamycin once before tossing it because it was sticky, didn't moisturize, and I just didn't want it on my face in the morning/couldn't use it under makeup. 

Its been about three weeks and my skin looks way better. I have had ZERO new pimples in the past week for the first time ever, which is even more surprising as I have an exam tomorrow and normally my skin is a mess of scabs and pimples. My skin is noticably clearer and smoother. The peeling has stopped to the point where I can wear loose mineral powder foundation. I think that cerave and vaseline have both really helped with the dryness as well. My face still has a ton of little red spots of PIH but I swear they are looking better everyday that goes by. I'm feeling optimistic you guys. Hopefully this is a long term improvement and not just a short "good week". I"ll keep you all updated.

For anyone else out there on retin a, do not give up. Sometimes it takes longer for it to work, the effects are largely long term. Three weeks ago I was going to switch to accutane because I was so fed up and now I am glad I stuck with it. The change in the past three weeks for my skin has been more drastic than all of the time before that. My skin went from totally shitty to toally clear in about a week, so even if your skin looks terrible now you never know when it will turn a corner! 


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