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Acne.org Regime| Full 3 Weeks



Note: Day 15 (am only) is located under week 2 

Day 15: January 13,2016 (pm only) 
hey guys so you know with week 3 you move up to a full finger of BP which equals two pumps. Okay cool! So it took forever for it to absorb so I'm going to have to break it down into portions to make the process quicker. The moisturizer always dry quick which is good. But today my face is peeling again like week 1. Idk if it's because it's trying to adjust to the extra BP or what. Or if it's the moisturizer reaction to the BP. Because the peeling is yellow ( the color of the moisturizer). So the peeling continued until my face felt like it was so freaking DRY AGAIN !!! like i thought this was over but I guess not :/ I'm thinking it's because my skin is new to the full finger BP lol .. it throw it into shock but other than that my skin is doing good. 

Day 16:
I didn't peel thank you Jesus and had the best day yesterday dealing with the dryness .. However ! The flacking of the old acne and acne scars drove me crazy !!! Later that night I had a lot to do so instead of putting on the full finger all at once. I put it on a little at a time. Not only that but I seen improvement so I'm really starting to believe acne.org works . 

Day 17: 
I woke up without any dryness which is amazing. I had a little flacking with one of the healing acne scars.. And I currently on have 1 small whitehead on my jawline. My cheeks is pretty much clear ., my hair and jaw line is starting to breakout with little bumps but since I seen it with my own eyes I know that it will clear up in no time. I've experience dry pulling sensation in my skin. I don't what what it is but I think it's fro my skin being so dry. So I'm skipping the night face wash. And will resume in the morning

Day 18:
The one whitehead on my jawline bust and started healing 

Day 19: 
I have no active acne .. I am pimple free .. Just have a very scars to show for it . Hopefully those heal up . If not I plan on getting a chemical peel. Dryness was mamanagable with no flakes 

*Day 20-21 isn't here because it is the same as Day 19*

Day 22: My face is starting to feel like the first week with the scalyness but my skin is clear. I'm still thinking about getting that chemical peel in March during spring break so I won't be scaring people off in school:)


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