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#DAY 6

Catherine Hathaway


Hi, all you acne haters out there; :wave: my name is CrazyPies :cool:. I have recently been using Differin 0.01% gel to help get rid of my mild acne.
 A little background history on my face. Pre - teen years I would only accommodate  one spot every month on my chin, when I started highschool though I didn't have any spots. But I didn't have any time whatsoever to bask in my glory as I was freaking out about high school. however, I became nonchalant over high school 1 month later and became the class clown :jester: . it wasn't until the end of my 1st year that I began getting blackheads on my nose, 1 summer holiday later I have full blown acne and have a lot of blemishes on my face :( .
 I was prescribed differin a month later when my dad embarrassingly brought it up after an equally embarrassing breakdown to my mum :o . But honestly I never used the gel. I was too afraid it would make it worse after everything I read online. :eek: . 4 months later now making it January, enough was enough I started using it. I'm now only on day 6, my mum says its making an improvement, trust me, before she didn't hesitate to tell me how ugly I looked so I'm believing her word. :D . right now I'm just currently hating on a 4 month younger version of me :p for not growing some BALLS OF STEEL, using it and getting done with, seriously though I could have been done with it in 4 month time if I had. :mad:


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