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A Little Bio.




I am planning on posting the beginning photos of my journey with acne tomorrow!


+ I've also decided to share a brief bio. that I had (until now) failed to post!

  • I am 16
  • I struggle with moderate-severe acne on my face
  • I love to spread positivity, especially when people are having such struggles with something, like acne, and I am able to give them encouragement and empower them to stay happy and give them encouragement!
  • *note* I am definitely not saying that I don't have bad days, sometimes I have really sucky days. I just don't like share those days on social media, unless I am providing advice. This is because It works best for me to deal with problems by thinking about them and pulling out the positive, and then turning that experience into advice. I always try to remind myself to never post, write, or say anything out of anger, frustration, or sadness because my biggest passion is bringing out the good!
  • Messages, comments, questions, and suggestions are very welcomed and I will try my best to respond! (busy schedule)

#positivityiskey however I understand it isn't possible for us to stay positive 100% of the time! We're all human! :) 


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