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New year new face??



So I posted a few days ago my issue but I'm just starting to get the hang of acne.org and how to post stuff (it's difficult for me idk why) but anyways I wanted to do this blogging thing since my first pill but couldn't. My BF got me a laptop and a better phone so yay now I can posts much easier. I feel good today because so far I have no active pimples. I have 2-3 that are healing and then just a lot of scars :( but I can cover that with my makeup so yay I feel happy. My period just finished today and I usually always break out bad when my period is about to come or is here but since it's gone I think my face should be ok. I really hope no more pimples from now on!! I work tomorrow so I'm blah about that but I don't wanna stress too much. 


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