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Dec 31, 2015



Did a really bad and stupid thing last night and I feel really guilty about it. I slept with my makeup on but in my defense I was drunk and although I was capable of walking and stuff, it takes a hell of a lot of time to remove it (I use extra virgin olive oil. Beware, it stings like a bitch if it gets in your eye so I suggest that you do the rest of your face before dealing with the eyes or you'll be struggling and in tears) and patience to be gentle especially around active break outs. Hope that it didn't create any new eruptions. I didn't put on my Bio Oil yesterday so I cannot comment much on how it's going because I've only used it for one day. It smells lovely but it makes my face look like a grease ball (not that it doesn't on a daily basis lol) so it makes me self conscious when I'm chilling with my family. I have used a sweet almond oil by the brand called Tisserand many years ago for my scars and although it helped with it, I think it took some time to show a noticeable change. I must say that my face is feeling quite hydrated and moisturized lately. Usually my skin feels tight like a rope after a cleanse. Also have noticed that because I am visiting my family, I am less vigilant and obsessive about every little detail on my face. Noticed that my pores look bigger but I'm not sure if it's always been like that and I've just noticed now because their bathroom has natural light coming in or because they just got bigger over time. 

I wonder how many men with acne are out there who like me want to cover their insecurities with makeup. I feel bad for them because society has this weird stigma that if a guy wears makeup he HAS to be gay or anything other than straight. If you're a guy reading this and you are contemplating about wearing makeup, just do you, boo. To hell with what society thinks. If it makes you comfortable, confident and lessen your social anxiety, just go for it! I would suggest watching Ross from the youtube channel "SkinCareWithRoss" if you're starting out. He gives really good tips for men who want to dabble with makeup. Wayne Goss' channel is also excellent! 


Still waiting for my Banish Vitamin C serum to arrive. Why is it taking so bloody long?! It sure is taking it's sweet time to arrive lol. Could be because in Australia there has been four non-working days recently. Just my luck. I'm afraid that by the time it's here, the Vitamin C has started oxidizing. The Body Shop Vitamin C serum which I'm using currently has started oxidizing (you will know because the color changes from white/clear to yellow-orange over time). Not sure if it create a negative or zero impact if oxidized.. 


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