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Dec 29, 2015



Ever since I've had acne, I would always remember to note down how my skin looks at the end of the year in December. You would expect that as time goes by, it would get better. One of my New Year Resolutions would be to have great skin but that always go unfulfilled. This year my skin looks terrible. I saw some pics from when I was in high school and when I compare it to when I was in uni, I couldn't believe that I actually thought that I had it bad in high school. Now it looks a hundred times worse. Trust me. 

Side note - Still waiting on my Banish Vitamin C serum shipment to arrive. Someone who had used Bio Oil bought it for me. I will use it tonight because that person said it worked wonders for their skin. I'm skeptical because I saw a lot of product reviews online saying that the oil is too heavy and ended up clogging their pores and made their acne worse. I trust the product reviews from the Paula's Choice Beautypedia (http://www.paulaschoice.com/beautypedia/) even though there seems to be a positive bias for their own products. They gave it a one star review.. Oh well, my skin is already bad so I'm desperate. 

Feeling a bit confident today only because I have makeup on. However, no amount of makeup can cover up the raised bumps. They look especially prominent in the sunlight which is one reason why I sometimes don't like to go outside but I can't hide in my room forever. 


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