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Acne 12/24/2015



Today I am suppose to go with my family out to eat. I had to shave due to my skin starting to irritate me. As you can see some small pimples popped and are now heeling. However, I have quite a few red spots along with the red pimple on my nose. I don't know if I should do anything today. Can anyone rate how bad it is?


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Hello, i normally dont comment but i felt i needed to. Im not here to judge you or give life advise, I dont even know you but i just wanna say try not to let acne run your life i know its awful but a few pimples on your face is not call to stay inside and be in a dark room and sleep in your bed and not get up or decide not to go out and eat with your family because of a few little tiny zits that are barley noticeable and believe me ive done that to many times to count. I have looked in the mirror and couldnt believe it was even me starting back. On terms of how bad your acne is its honestly a 1 out of 10. Mine is sooooo much worse. I have clusters of big red pimples, ones with puss and hard red angry zits everywhere. You can do this. You can enjoy your life. Dont let acne run your life. Hopefully you dont perceive this comment as rude or offensive as that is not intended at all. 

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