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Still going



Things are still progressing according to plan.  I stopped using the Clindamycin lotion regularly because the breakouts healed and it was drying my skin too much.  I went through the 30 day course of Ceftin, that finished a while ago and still no new breakouts.  Between those 2 prescriptions I would say they're the most effective way to stop serious breakouts in the short-term.  Obviously accutane is the only long term solution for people like us.


A couple of days ago I did start applying the Clindamycin lotion to some "old" cyctic pimples.  We're talking about problem pores that have been holding on for a year trying to remind me of the daily breakouts that once haunted me.  Most of the time they look healed but occasionally have problems and foremost they've "always" been sort of lingering.  I'm hoping that it soaks in and helps me out.  I won't see my derm for a few weeks so I'll probably know if it's working before I have a chance to ask her about it.  I'm gonna google that some more right now.


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