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A day at a time

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Blog Entry No. 1

Today started off like most; fear, anxiety, panic...in other words, I pretty terrible way to start your day....and I've been living this way for 13 years. I've been on acne.org for many years now, popping in from time to time, finally becoming a member back in 2012. I find peace here... talking with others who are experiencing the same things; whether it's acne itself or they psychological effects of acne; depression, scabbing, scarring, hyper-pigmentation, etc. And I enjoy being here for you guys too, lending a helping hand and sharing my experiences.

Discussing acne in general, in public, is definitely an awkward subject, so having this community as always been something I could come to in good times and bad. 

Back in June this year my skin started acting differently... I was getting a lot of clogged pores (which is not common for me whatsoever), and tiny little bumps everywhere along my chin and around my nose. It drove me insane. I was committed to not use BP or any other harsh chemicals on my skin, since i had been BP-free and SA-free for about a year with success. But something changed; as most things in life do. I was fed up come August and got topical clindamycin to help, and it did, but it never truly does lasts or prevents new lesions. In September I quit birth control pills and my spirnolactone to start trying for our first baby; my skin remained relatively in good condition until mid October. My skin got dry (perhaps due to the weather changes) and I opted for a new foundation; what a terrible idea. Major clogged pores and breakouts in the weeks to come. In mid November I started getting cystic acne again, not just one at time, but 2-3 at a time. It's been a terrible two months to say the very least. In the past two months I've had 10 cystic lesions, 7 of which were hit with a cortisone shot, 1 that disappeared as quickly as it appeared (which yes, is amazing) and two that I thought I could extract myself... and today I sit here in my home office with a hydrocoloid bandage on my face.... (lets just say it did not go well)... the repercussions of trying to extract a cyst are HUGE. Bigger than the cyst itself. Embarrassment, shame, guilt, and potential scarring....oh and the hiding in your house all weekend to follow. Sigh. 

I want to CHANGE this behavior. I want to live my life through acne differently. I want to be bigger and better than the acne itself and not let it define me. Being perfect is not possible, I know this... but why has my life surrounded this entire notion that I have to be perfect and yet I don't hold that standard to anyone else. It sounds absolutely crazy... But I know I'm not the only one. I can't be.  


Big hugs to you CNA7. I had a huge cystic breakout (pics included) after taking the plan B emergency contraceptive ( I think it's way more complicated than that because I also have Lyme disease), so I know how much it can impact self-esteem. During my last breakout, I did a good job of being loving and kind to myself but I still found myself unable to make eye contact with people, especially members of the opposite gender because I felt so unattractive. Some days, I try to make sure that my spirit/personality/energy shines through extra hard because I think people always look beautiful when their hearts are open regardless of what is happening externally. I can also relate to being easier on other people than I am on myself!

Every once and a while I have a brave day where I go out without makeup on and make sure that I smile at people with pimples and scars blazing!! It feels liberating but I don't always hold that level of self-esteem. Definitely something to work towards :-) Much luck and love to you!

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YES! The last line of this post is perfect. We love everyone in our life and never focus on their flaws. That is how they see us back as well! Thank you for this post, I love the positivity!

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