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Day # 84 100 mg Spiro



Just wanted to send a quick update to anyone still interested in my journey I've been on spiro almost 3 months and oracea (low dose doxy) for almost 2 months:


1st month @ 50 mg per day

2nd and 3rd month @ 100 mg (50 mg twice per day)


I dare say I am seeing some improvement.  I am still breaking out, sometimes in deep acne but it seems less pronounced and seems to resolve a bit quicker.  I am hoping that in a few more months I will start to have clearer days.


One issue i am having is the dryness - Oh Lord!  It makes my skin look red and parched.  My eczema is also flaring.  It's getting colder here in NY too.  I ordered an Avene heavy duty moisturizer so i may mix that in with my regular moisturizer to help the dry spots.


Hoping things continue to improve. 


Awesome you're seeing an improvement!!! Im soon starting spiro as well, and just wondering have you noticed any health side effects? Low blood pressure? dizziness? Excess urination? :)

I have low blood pressure and im scared if i take spiro i will pass out! :( 

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Just dryness and in the beginning, excess urination.  It takes a long time to work and it is not linear improvement- I'm going through yet another flare.....so be prepared to wait 6 or so months to see if it will work for you.

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