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Accutane Week 9 Update



Here I am at week 9 -- just over 2 months, hard to believe! 3 months to go!

I am still not clear but I am hopeful I am getting there. Still getting small tiny pimples that end up resolving in 2-4 days. Some of my 'under the skin' bumps are still hanging out and I think that it will just take a couple more months for them to go away on their own.

At times I will feel like it has definitely kicked in and I am looking clear, then I will sometimes get these small (rash like) bumps that show up on my forehead and upper cheeks. I don't know if this is rash but its annoying. usually goes away in a day or 2.

right now, I am just nervous that I am going to be that one person that Accutane doesn't work for... I know that I shouldn't entertain those negative thoughts but I was really hoping I would be 100% clear at this point. only side effects I have is dry lips. For the most part my skin is not that dry! Granite, I moisture at least 2 times a day so maybe that is helping? Or I am scared that means that its not working? again, trying to stay positive but its hard. I also have bad back pain but nothing I can put up with.

If I don't have significant progress at my 3 month check up, I will probably have doctor raise me from 60mg/day to 70mg. I will let you all know!

Here's to hoping the next 4 weeks bring those results we all so desperately want!





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When did you stop getting cysts? I'm at the end of week 4 and still get at least 2 a week :(

I guess it's an improvement because I WAS getting 2 every few days before! It kind of sounds like we're on a similar journey, so I might pick your brain a bit!

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I stopped getting cysts toward the beginning of month 3 or so -- the other bumps were just waiting to go down!! I am here whenever you want to talk :)

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