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2 months on accutane ended!



Hey! I'm sorry for being absent during these weeks.

However, during the 6th week (1 month and half) I had a bigger breakout than the little one I had during the second week of treatment. It lasted for a looooong week and its effects went away only after 2 weeks.

However I'm also glad to say that in this last week I didn't get any new pimples!!! Maybe accutane is gonna work? who knows!

For the red marks I still have them quite red.. maybe a little bit less but I don't know.

Here is a picture of my last weeks (you can see the difference between the breakout's period and the next one)

I'm not experiencing any eccessive dryness or any kind of problem.

My dosage is 40 mg\ day and my weight is 75 kgs.

Stay tuned! See you!


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You're a month ahead of me and I'm excited to hear that you didn't get any pimples for a week! My IB has lasted about 3 weeks so far. Hopong now that I'm entering month two it'll stop. :/

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