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Accutane Story

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Day 52 dry eye dry nose



Day 52, 4 days til my second monthly dermatogoly appointment.

Ok, so now the inside of my right nostril is dry as heck it is quite irratining and a little senstive unpleasent, ive tried the vaseline up the nose trick, but it is a very temporary soothing. It is a hard sympton to get on top of and i have had a few nose bleeds. It is very livable though and a lot of my little pimples that covered the nice skin of my forehead have disappeared.

Still geting a few under the skin big spots, which take about a week to come to surface, they last ages! Few spots round my eyebrows not great. Blackheads on nose seem very visible and dont want to use a nose strip!

The corners of my eyes have literally started to get dry and sore, do not rub!! elizabath arden 8 hour cream is my savour every night! so good for extra dry area like elbows too (non accutane).


Still doing my same skin routine, might start face moisturising more instead of morning and night, maybe wack an afternoon moisture in my regime! I can tell its getting slightly drier so im going for prevention still.

I hope my derm doesnt up my dose again, although he said the soon i up the sooner im done and we will be looking more like 4 months than 6 if all goes well!

I have gone from 1 month 40mg to then next month 70mg my bets im going up to 80mg!! Kind off want to stay on 70mg i dont want to have disgusting skin over christmas!


Decided now though nights out = lip balm not lipstick! lip gloss is a yes at a push, these dry lips are so annoying constant lip balm, i never thought it would be that necessary but it really is! It is liveable for 4-6 months though :)

Although im complaining loads, nothing is actually that bad so far, skin is the clearest ina long time. My main concern was dry skin and having peeling skin all the time, but so far so good i hope it stays this way because otherwise ill end up hermitting for 3 months!


Also thanks to all the readers like its nice to know people are looking at this and im not just typing like a loon! If anyone has any stories or comments about there current/previous/upcoming experiences comment! 


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