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week 15 or something



So I beieve tomorrow will be week the start of week 16 of using Differin.

I just want to say that I HATE my skin right now. I am very stressed with uni work currently though so I don't think that helps. 

Last month I took the morning after pill, which I'm not exactly proud of. I seriously noticed my skin deteriorate a lot the following weeks after that. Thing is... things started clearing up well like last week I felt okay with my skin it wasn't 'too bad'.

 But this week it's just shit. I started swimming again more often than normal and I wonder if that's playing a part. So I'm going to stop the swimming atm which kinda sucks :/


Still using differin roughly every second evening but I did go about 3 or 4 evenings of not taking it. I keep thinking about trying retin A? Would that seriously affect me in a negative way do you think? Like will it make me purge again etc? And make things worse?

I'm waiting till week 20 and then going back to the docs. Still want to try accutane but we'll see.




Hey Stace.  As someone who did differin, as a med it will not work without consistency.  It's not surprising that you're not getting the results you want as you've been inconsistent with treatment.  Retin a is much harsher so I would caution moving up to it unless you absolutely had to.


Good Luck

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Thanks Sascha, i see what your saying but I did read some women experience great results with using differin like every second night as well and sometimes even just every third evening.  I was definitely seeing results but I think the mixture of that pill, stress and the chlorine and possibly me missing differin for about 4 days sort of exacerbated my skin Again.


Sort of at a loss of what to do now tbh.

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