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Accutane week 3/initial breakout

So I'm into my third week and before this, I hadn't noticed any huge changes in my skin besides it getting extremely oily, and I actually thought it was looking a little better. But I always knew the initial breakout would come and now it's here. I have huuuge pimples on each side of my cheeks, jawline, and chin. I was never one to get blackheads but now I have a ton on/around my nose, upper lip, and chin. The texture of my face feels terrible, really bumpy almost like sandpaper. That's definitely an overstatement but I'm not really sure how else to describe it. My lips are also really starting to peel but I was expecting that.

Today, my mom looked at my skin and goes "wow you're really starting to break out." Ummm HELLO you think that I don't notice?! It's literally all I see when I look at myself and I spend forever analyzing my skin in the mirror. I think it's probably her way of showing encouragement like "oh look it's definitely starting to work" but pointing everything out is not helping at all.

I'm really hoping that this breakout doesn't last much longer than a few weeks, mostly because I don't want excessive scarring associated with it. I've always been one to reschedule dates and such if I'm having a bad skin week, but now looking back, my skin was never in the condition it is now. I have a couple dates coming up and I will most definitely be flaking on them if my skin continues to look this way.

I'm trying to keep my head up cause everyone says it's worth it in the end but I just want to fast-forward these next few months!!


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