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My story and cure



When i got into grade 9, my skin started to become oily and i got many pimples on my forehead, thinking this was a passing thing i didn't really think much of it, until they started multiplying and staying for weeks and months! I decided that I would go back to my skin routine before my acne started, which was simply washing every night with water and wiping with a face washer. To be honest, this did not make my skin worse nor better over the course of the weeks i was doing this. I decided i would try the simple supermarket Clearsil etc. This did nothing to my skin whatsoever!

After about 15 more hopeless products tried i decided benzyl peroxide would do something. I was really at my wits end with oily skin and low-self esteem.I used the benzac 5% cream and the foaming face wash, did nothing except make my face dry for 2 hours after washing then an oil slick throuought the day. I read that it ages your skin 10 years in the course of a year, so I stopped using it and had nowhere to go now.

My Mom bought me home some testers which a sales-woman at Aesop had prescribed for my Mom to give to me after her explaining the state my skin was in. It included the Amazing Face Cleanser, Anti-Blemish Chamomile Concerntrate Masque, Oil-Free Facial Hydrating Serum and a Lactic Acid facial scrub. These worked wonders on my face so my Mo  returned to buy me the full-sized bottles. I wash every morning with the Aesop range and every night with just a splash of water, and my face has never looked better! It glows too which really adds to the clear complexion I have achieved too.

I use the Cleanser in between days of a masque and scrub. Monday cleanser, tuedsay cleanser and masque, wednesday cleanser, thurdsay scrub, friday cleanser etc. and moisturising every time i use a product in the morning. the masque is amazing and feels like I am rubbing chocolate mousse onto my face, and only has to sit for 10 minutes! The scrub leaves my sin feeling baby soft and they all smell amazing! I love the 4 products I have from Aesop, i now have 95% clear skin and love it!

I 100% reccommend it for anyone. Comment below for additional information. :) 


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